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Fillers & Injectables

Fillers and Injectables add volume to different areas of the face in order to lift cheeks, smooth parentheses lines, or plumpen the lips. The results are natural looking and long lasting.

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Santé Medical Aesthetics

Santé Medical Aesthetics is proud to serve the community of Southlake, Texas and the surrounding Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex area with our cutting edge, non-invasive aesthetic procedures and wellness counseling. Our certified professional team is committed to helping you achieve results.

The team at Santé Medical Aesthetics will help you develop a personal plan and treatment options, in conjunction with a home skin care and maintenance program designed specifically to meet your unique needs. Turn back the clock and restore the youthful appearance you want with expert coaching and aesthetic support to be the most attractive, healthy version of yourself at any age.

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Importance of Sunscreen

Our SOL-IR™ Advanced Antioxidant Complex Total Defense + Repair is more than a sunscreen; it’s a rejuvenating superscreen, powered by SOL-IR™Advanced Antioxidant Complex. Traditional broad-spectrum sunscreens only protect against UVA and UVB. Our trio of potent antioxidants is what enables Total Defense + Repair to protect against IR-A and help rejuvenate skin.

100% of patients said Total Defense + Repair SPF 34 absorbs easily and quickly, does not leave white residue, spreads evenly (without lumps), and does not feel greasy (at week 4)*.

91% of patients said Total Defense + Repair SPF 34 improves skin’s overall health and overall appearance (at week 8)*.

90% of patients said that with Total Defense + Repair SPF 34 they saw improvement in skin firmness, tightness, and elasticity (at week 8)*.

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