Pre treatment consisted of prepping skin and taking pictures… it was cool to see your skin age. Sun spots were scary, but my wrinkle results were great, and No BO##x needed yet!! The numbing facial cream and Netflix were awesome!! I let the numbing cream soak in while watching my favorite show, and after about 45 minutes my face was completely numb.

Once the treatment started, all I heard was “click click click” while the laser was sliding across my skin. There was no pain, I could only feel it on nerves around my lips and temples. I could smell the burning, but the cold air that was blowing on my face felt amazing. As treatment was being done, the skin that had been treated started to burn … just like a sunburn.

After it was over, the sunburn feeling was not fun. However, Jessica had cold compresses and a fan on my skin for about 30 minutes until I felt better. Then she lathered my face with a moisturizer. I immediately drove home, took Benadryl and 600 mg ibuprofen to help easy the sunburn feeling. After about an hour and a half, I felt much better. Jessica gave me great instructions on care and I purchased the cleaner, moisturizer, sunscreen set for aftercare, which was fantastic! Here’s a breakdown of how my skin felt/looked days after Halo:

Day of procedure: red face and sunburn pain
Day 1: red face and itchy
Day 2: red face and skin felt like a scab
Day 3: skin felt like a scab and was itchy and turning brown
Day 4: itchy skin but not as bad. Hardest part was wanting to exfoliate and couldn’t. Skin started falling off as I washed it.
Day 5: skin felt great and started falling off more. Only a few dry spots left.
Day 6: skin felt good, a couple blemishes appeared, overall, felt back to normal.
Day 7: 100% back to normal! All skin had fallen off and was left with new skin!

Thanks Jessica for a great experience!

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invasive, with no downtime. I started researching the procedure, including costs. I found a lot of reviews that were positive, so I decided to give it a try. Having also researched med spas in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, I settled on Sante Med Spa in Southlake. They seemed to be the most knowledgeable, very patient with my dozens of questions and anxiousness, and were priced most competitively. My research paid off, as I am very happy I decided to do CoolSculpting, and moreover, chose to get it done at Sante.
What to expect:
I’m a realist. I know that I’m not going to get a flat tummy, bikini body within one session. I do know that the end result will bring me the ability to ditch “mom jeans,” and be able to wear more flattering clothes to compliment my newly boosted self-esteem!
When I went into Sante for a consultation, I felt like I knew it all. I had read all that I could find, and watched videos online. I was greeted warmly by the receptionist, and was taken back into the consulting room. The RN, one of several Sante CoolSculpting pros, explained the procedure to me. She also made me feel comfortable about it, and made sure I understood what my results would be. She then showed me on my body exactly where they would be applying the CoolSculpting device, and how it would shape my belly. What I really loved about Sante is that they did not try to oversell me anything. I didn’t feel pressured to purchase my CoolSculpting package there. Nor did they try to make me feel like I needed to CoolSculpt other areas of my body.
I had been to one other consultation at another med spa, and I had walked out of there feeling worse about myself than when I had walked in. They had managed to mark every flaw, and pinch every place they thought I could use fat reduction in!
Cost wise, I was getting four different areas on my stomach CoolSculpted (4 hours) for far less than I had been quoted at other, equally reputable med spas. I signed up, and since they had an opening I started that very day.
I had been warned about intense pain, pins and needles, and a very icy feeling in the area that would be treated. I lay on the bed, and a very cold, wet gel soaked pad was placed on the area. The device, which looked like an oblong suction cup, was placed on top of the pad. The feeling of the fat being sucked into the cup was pretty weird. It felt like a vacuum on my belly, but I didn’t feel the intense pain that I was warned of. I’m sure that everyone is different, with different thresholds of pain, and I may be on the more tolerant side of pain. But, it really didn’t take my breath away like I was told it would.
Once the funny feeling subsided, and I became used to the machine, I sat back and watched some Netflix on an iPad that they gave me. An hour later, the suction cup was removed, and a machine was used to massage the area. That’s it!
It’s been a few weeks now, and over the span of that time, my stomach was a bit numb, and sensitive. Those feelings have since ended, and I feel great. I’ve been told that full effect is achieved after 30-90 days. Overall, I’d give it two thumbs up, and would encourage anyone thinking about getting this procedure done to go for it. I highly recommend Sante Med Spa.

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Jessica, I agreed that a PhotoFacial is the route I wanted to take. Jessica was very knowledgeable about procedures and skin types and genuinely seemed to care that I receive the results I was after! She explained that a 4 treatment package would reap the best results over time. During my treatments, she was skilled, patient and had a great sense of humor and put me right at ease. I’ve had three treatments so far and I am THRILLED with the difference in my skin. Jessica was extremely friendly and made me feel right at home during my treatments. She kept me informed on what to expect and had me relaxed and excited to see the results to come! I had a treatment with Lauren as well. She was extremely gracious and friendly. She as well made the experience more comfortable with her friendly humor and relaxed confidence… I was so happy that when my usual tech was out Lauren was able to provide the same excellent experience I was used to. Overall the spa is professional and clean and has a comfortable and relaxed feel. I would highly recommend Sante!

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of their invitational parties. I have since had my first BLL photo facial with Rebecca A. I could not be anymore pleased with my results. Rebecca has been a great educator on what works and why it works as well as helped me come up with a plan to reach my skincare goals. I highly recommend Rebecca and their team at Sante Aesthetics & Wellness.
My results: before BBL on the left side and then the right side is roughly 3 weeks later

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graciousness. It was well worth it…It worked with zero downtime! After having a baby a year ago I had a few trouble areas that were just not coming off with diet alone. After only my first treatment I am feeling back to my pre baby self!!! I also was in and out quickly…only an hour to treat four areas (stomach and flanks). I will post pics of my before and after. I took them myself when I came home right after treatment and about a month later. I had zero weight loss during this time which is crazy when you see the pictures (There is a red mark on before pics which is from the permanent marker they used to mark the area).

I also had Bo##X done at Sante and the results are not only what I had requested but better than I had expected!

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